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Month: October 2010

Don’t Judge A Car By Its Cover

I have a friend who repairs/restores cars for fun. He has several of them stashed in various places all over town at any given time (barns, garages, carports, parking lots). I helped him work on a car one time, and I thought it was a lot of fun. He bought an engine on eBay, which came on a pallet, and looked like a big mess. It was missing parts and had oil all over it. We took about 20 hours putting various parts and connectors on the motor, making runs to the auto parts store, taking measurements, and eventually, hoisting the motor into place. When that was done, it took another few hours to connect all the wires, hook everything up, and screw everything back together. Only then, when we fired up the engine for the first time and drove it to the car wash, did I realize how nice the car was. It had been sitting under a tree the whole time, so there was sap, bird droppings, dirt, and so many leaves on the car that I never really took a good look at the car, or the even the interior. It looked so bad on the outside that I didn’t even think to look inside it. Boy, oh boy… I couldn’t believe how nice it was when it was back in running order and cleaned from...

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My Dad Has Joined The Mac Cult

I helped my Dad buy an iMac today. That means he has now officially joined the club. I dropped it off, and he asked me “Great, so how do I set it up? …wait, you’re probably going to tell me all I have to do is turn it on, right? And that’s it? It’s that easy? No user manuals? Complicated software installs? Virus scans?” I smiled, and said “Now, you finally understand. Welcome to the Mac club!” Ahh. Now I won’t have to field tech support phone calls from my family. Cause Macs just work. …or that’s what I thought until he called me and asked “Uhh, how do I turn it on? I can’t find the power...

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Video: 1970s Fig Newton Commercial

I like TV commercials. I especially like a TV commercial that inspires me to actually want to buy a product. When I see a good ad, I cheer. When I see a bad one, I tweet about it, or show it to a bunch of friends so we can laugh at how awful it is. This commercial, however, for Fig Newtons (a product that I actually like quite a bit) is perhaps the most frightening commercial I have ever seen. It really scares me. How did this EVER make anyone want to buy and eat Fig Newtons?! Perhaps the...

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Canceling My Wells Fargo Account

Last week, I did what I’ve wanted to do for years: I closed my Wells Fargo account. It felt good. Wells Fargo is an extremely convenient place to bank at, because they have branches and ATMs all over the place, but to them, I was just a number. Probably a number in the tens of millions, if I had to guess. So I was #10,000,001 to them. (Give or take a few.) They didn’t care that I had banked there for ten years. They didn’t care that I had three checking accounts, a savings account and two credit cards with them. They didn’t know my name. Whenever I called for help, I talked to someone in another state, or maybe even another country. I consistently got bad service, and they made me do silly things like sign my name exactly like it’s shown on my driver’s license (even though my license is nine years old, and apparently, I’m the only customer they’ve ever had whose signature has changed since the day he started driving). They wouldn’t let me withdraw more than a certain amount of cash in a day, even if I came into the bank. Overall, I’d say I was a very unhappy customer. So I was happy to say goodbye. And you know what? They didn’t even miss me. Heck, they probably don’t even know I’m gone....

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Domain Checklist: 5 Questions To Ask About Your Domain

Does your company have a website? If so, you have a domain of some sort. Whether it ends in .com, .net, .us, or dot anything else, somebody at some point registered your domain. Here’s a list of five things you can (and should) do right now to make sure you’re taking care of your website’s domain. Who is your domain registrar? Do you know? Common registrars include Godaddy, Network Solutions, Bluehost, etc. Make sure you have your username and password to log into your account. If you don’t have access, start here. When does your domain expire? Hopefully, you’re already aware of the fact that when you register a domain, you don’t actually own it forever—you’re “leasing” it for a specific amount of time (generally one, two, or five years). So check on the expiration date of your domain, and write it down in a safe place Who actually owns your domain? If it’s your old web design guy that you can’t get in touch with, you may be in trouble. Make sure that you’re the one whose details are on the domain registration. If not, contact your registrar and ask them to change the info on the account. Is it set to auto-renew? When it does come time for your domain to renew, is it set to auto-renew? Or do you actually have to login in to your...

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