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Month: February 2012

Should I Join a BNI Chapter?

I’m a guy who’s into networking, meeting other business people, and making relationships, and doing business. So, naturally, when I found out about BNI (Business Network International), I was absolutely hooked. I took a membership application home with me the first day, and brought it back the next week with my payment. I didn’t know much about it, or how the meetings worked, but I loved that I found a group dedicated to meeting every week and passing business back and forth. Eventually, I became more and more involved with the chapter I was a part of, and joined...

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Video: Why Use Online Video?

It’s video time again! This time around, I made an online video to tell you all about… online video! Why? Well, I could explain everything by writing paragraphs of information all about the benefits of video and how well it works to market yourself online, or you could just watch this video to find out. Oh yeah, in case you’re the skeptical type, or just a real stickler for numbers and statistics, I’m citing my sources below, and I’ve also added some helpful links to view the examples I talk about as well. Helpful Links/Sources Cited: Video: BlendTec Blenders Video: Hamster on a Piano Two Billion People on the Internet Video: Old Spice Guy Video: Mac Guy/PC Guy Video: Taco Bell Chihuahua Video: Michelin Man Superbowl Ads Cost $3 Million 71% of Online Adults Use Video Sharing Sites 30% of All Traffic on the Entire Internet is Video 64% of Americans Watch Online Videos at Work 42% of Americans Watch Videos on Their Phone (in the Bathroom) 3 Billion YouTube Videos Viewed Every Day 300 Million YouTube Users Every Month Best Day to Sell using Video is Sunday/Worst is Wednesday People are 85% More Likely to Purchase a Product After Watching a Video 200-300% Clickthrough Rate Increase When Using Video in Marketing Email In-home Viewing up 0.2%, Online Viewing up 35% What do think? What are some online videos...

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My Email with Hugh Syme

Earlier this week, I was sorting through some emails from years past (way back in early 2009, to be precise), and stumbled across this one from when I first started my own business. I had recently finished photography classes at Pikes Peak Community College and figured I would get into business doing graphic design and photography. (This was very short lived and I quickly learned that this was not the right direction). However, while I was still in the design mode, I started doing research on design, photography, photoshop, and much more, and, to get some inspiration, started reviewing all of Hugh Syme’s work. For those of you who many not know, Hugh Syme is an illustrator and artist who has created some of the most iconic album covers in all of pop and rock music. For example, he’s the one who created most of the album art for RUSH—one of my favorite bands. So, on a whim, I figured I’d fill out the form on his website and email him to see if he had any ideas for me, someone just starting out in the business. While I really didn’t expect him to respond (as I assumed he gets tons of requests like this all the time), he actually did respond to me. I was very pleasantly surprised when I found his response in my inbox. Here’s a...

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How To Upload A Video On Youtube

Due to the fact that Google is constantly changing the layout on YouTube, I’ve gotten many requests from people asking about how to upload videos to their YouTube Channels. So here’s a quick screenshot tutorial with step-by-step instructions. With any luck this will be helpful for a while, but the odds are the layout will change again soon. Oh well! For now, here goes.   That’s it! If I forgot anything, or if you still need help, just comment on this post or email me and I’ll try to respond as quickly as I can to help...

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Video: What is Twitter?

What is Twitter? This is easily the question I’ve heard the most since I started working in Internet Marketing. A lot of people just don’t get Twitter, and they want to know about it. More accurately, they don’t just want to know about it—they want to know what the big freaking deal is about it. I can sense irritation in their voice as they try to figure out what’s so special about the little social network with the funny name, and they wonder if they’re missing out on something huge. I really don’t get tired of answering the question but I eventually realized that I was giving lots of different people the same answer over and over again so I figured it was worth making a video about. So here you go: this video explains everything you need to know about Twitter in under five minutes. (Well, not everything you need to know… but hopefully enough for you to get started.) Oh yeah: if you’d like to follow Me on Twitter, click here: Ron Stauffer And on the note, if you want to get started, here are some links to the tools I mention in the video: Twitter Desktop for Mac Twitter for iPhone Twitter for Android TweetDeck Buffer Echofon Seesmic Hootsuite (Did you like this video? If so, check out my other video: Why Use Online Video?)...

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