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Month: April 2012

NFC Payments are a Dumb, Dumb Idea

Among the many fledgling technologies creating buzz in 2012, I personally think that NFC (Near Field Communication) is the worst. Though all NFC technically means is “transactions made over radio frequency at close range,” the context you’re probably most familiar with is in regards to NFC payments. Put plainly, this is waving-your-phone-in-front-of-a–detector-thingy technology. It’s similar to how a grocery store clerk slides your gallon of milk over a bar code reader until he hears that familiar “boop” sound at the cash register… except in this case, there’s no barcode—it’s activated by radio waves at close proximity. In my humble opinion, people are talking about NFC payments because it’s shiny and new. Not because it’s any good. I actually think NFC is a very bad technology. Here are several reasons why: It doesn’t solve any problems. The problem that NFC payments is purportedly trying to solve is the “pain” of carrying credit and debit cards around in your wallet. But this is hardly a problem. I’ve never heard anyone complain about the hassle of carrying around credit cards. Credit cards and their magnetic strips are an awesome technology. The security is incredibly strong, you can cancel a card instantly if it’s lost or stolen, they’re thin and lightweight, and most importantly, they have no cash value and are easily replaceable. Your phone is not easily replaceable. People don’t need one...

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Video: Things I Learned At My First Video Shoot

I recently worked with a videographer to make two videos for a new video marketing service I wanted to start. I’d never really stood in front of a camera before, and thought it would be fun to do. I’m a big fan of online video, as I’ve explained before, but something that drives me nuts is the massive amount of online video that’s of embarrassing quality and I didn’t want to do that. So I hired a professional videographer, rented out a studio, and did a shoot and we ended up with two videos that I’m quite proud of....

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