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Month: February 2013

“Would You Like To Drive Home In A Ford Today?”

About seven years ago, right after my wife and I were married, we went on our very first shopping trip as a married couple, to furnish our brand new apartment. We bought all the essentials, like a broom, a doormat, a coffeemaker, toilet paper, sugar, and other things you never think of until you move into a new place. When we went out to the parking lot, I tried to start my car, but it wouldn’t start. But it didn’t just need a jump or a tow, it was totally dead—broken beyond repair, as we found out. Anyone who remembers that little blue 1989 Ford Escort hatchback I drove wouldn’t have been surprised that it died—just about everything else on it was already broken by that point. So there I was, stranded in the parking lot, with my new bride, wanting to head back to our new home with a car full of groceries. Fortunately, my wife had a car as well, so we just drove hers back to the house and planned what to do next. As you might guess, we decided to look at buying another car… we just couldn’t live without two cars! So I started doing research on a replacement for myself, and figured that as long as I was at it, I should look into a new car that wouldn’t break down. I had...

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Caribbean Cruise: My Carvinal Cruise Experience

In January of this year, I took a 7-day cruise to the Eastern Caribbean. Due to a very special friend of mine, I didn’t even have to pay—it was a Christmas gift. (Christmas miracles do happen, I’m now convinced). Since I’ve gotten back, so people have asked “how was the cruise?” that I decided to write down all my thoughts, mainly so I wouldn’t forget them, but also to answer a lot of people all at the same time. So, in case you wondered, here are the details! My friend and I took a cruise on the Carnival Dream...

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2013 Colorado Springs Business Journal Rising Stars

“The Colorado Springs Business Journal Rising Stars are those in the local community 40 and younger who have made significant strides in their careers and who have given back to the community through their dedication to volunteerism and charity.” That’s what the Business Journal has determined are the requirements for being a “Rising Star” in Colorado Springs. This year, I was flattered to have been named one of 30 young professionals in the Springs who have, apparently, made “significant strides” and given back. I was honored to receive the write up in the magazine that the Business Journal printed up (view it online here), and also to go to the event where they had an awards ceremony at Cheyenne Mountain Resort. Good times! I did notice, after a few weeks, that I’m the one of the only people in the list who was photographed in a shirt that doesn’t have a collar, but that didn’t bother me much. I’m not too proud to admit that I hate wearing a tie. Thanks to the Business Journal for the honor! I like living in our great city of Colorado Springs, and I’m very proud to say that I’m friends with 10 of the other candidates and truly believe that we’re all working to build a better community. Below is the complete list, in no particular order. 2013 Colorado Springs Business Journal...

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