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Month: March 2013

Free Parking in Downtown Colorado Springs

Did you know there’s a free parking lot right in Downtown Colorado Springs? There actually two areas right in the heart of Downtown that most people don’t know about where you can park for free without any permits and there aren’t any parking meters to worry about. The funniest part about this, is it’s right in the middle of the other metered parking, and only a block or two away from several very expensive parking garages. But because they’re right out in plain view, you might not even notice them. Free Parking Area #1: The first free parking area is along the median in the middle of the the East/West road E. Vermijo right between Nevada St and Weber St (see below). It’s just south of the Colorado Springs Independent’s offices. Take a close look—do you recognize it from a birds-eye view? Here a photo with a western-facing view (facing Nevada): Here’s a view right down the median—no parking meters in sight. Here’s a view from the southeast end looking to the northwest (note the Pioneer’s Museum behind the trees): By my count, there are 28 free parking spaces in this area. Sometimes you may just get lucky and be able to park here, but usually it’s pretty full. Free Parking Area #2: The second parking area is right next to the first one, but actually an entire parking...

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My Experience Going Back To School, 10 Years Later

I was recently asked on Quora to answer a question relating to entrepreneurship and school: “Given the diverse and unique challenges faced by a startup, is it really worth it for an entrepreneur to invest heavily in an MBA, especially when this investment has two facets: 1) finances and  2) valuable time which can alternatively be utilized to grow a startup through real life learning experience?” I love this question. And I love the thought process behind the question. It’s one I’ve struggled with many times myself. Here’s a link to my answer, if you’d like to read it. However, this question has really sparked in me the desire to finally write the blog post I’ve wanted to for several months: a post about my going back to college after taking a few years off. So here it is… I’ve finally gotten around to writing down my thoughts. As I outlined in my answer on Quora, I am not a college graduate. It took me six years of night school to get my AA from Pikes Peak Community College because I got married right after my 20th birthday and we had five kids right away. In addition, I’ve always been the sole breadwinner in my family so I really can’t afford to “go to school” in the classic sense. However, I did finally get my AA. After that, I...

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SCUBA Diving in St. Thomas, USVI

Bucket list time! On my cruise, I got to check three things off my bucket list: Going on a cruise Seeing the Caribbean SCUBA diving in warm water Up to this point, I’d never really taken a trip on a large boat, so the cruise ship was definitely the biggest one I’ve ever been on, and the only diving or snorkeling I’d ever done was in very cold water (in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of California). The whole warm water thing was awesome. I’m really glad I got to try it—I have nearly no body fat so...

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