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Month: September 2013

Guest Post: What Baseball Means to Me

[This is a guest post from my Uncle Mike. He’s a great man, a great Uncle, a retired Marine, and a huge fan of Baseball. He’s also the man I know as “Uncle Fun.” -Ron] Baseball was, is, and always will be the one dependable bastion of camaraderie and commonality amongst Americans of all stripes, for it is this great game that Democrats, Republicans, Moderates and Extremists all turn to for a respite from the rigors and grind of daily life. What adult among us does not still experience a childlike excitement and thrill as they walk up the...

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SEO Test For Employers Hiring Internet Marketers

When I left my position as the Marketing Director for Infront Webworks earlier this year, I was asked to help hire my replacement. I was happy to do so, because I knew they would probably have a challenging time hiring, for two specific reasons: First: I was the only employee who’d had years of solid experience and expertise with the nitty-gritty hands-on aspect of SEO and Internet Marketing (which is why I’d been hired in the first place) …and I was leaving. So it was going to be hard for them to find the right candidate because they might not know exactly which questions to ask, and what to look for in a potential hire. Second: even if they had found a candidate who was clean and presentable and made a convincing case for why he should be hired, they wouldn’t necessarily know how to tell if he was truly experienced or simply blowing smoke or BSing his way through an interview. Unfortunately the marketing field, (and Internet marketing in particular) is filled with self-proclaimed “experts” who will promise you the world in an interview but when it comes time to deliver… they just don’t. Or can’t. People like this just show up to work, talk a lot about vague concepts, never provide any concrete results, and hope the higher-ups never notice. This is mainly because it’s very easy...

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Understanding a URL Structure (With Query Parameters)

Have you ever been on a website before, and noticed in the address bar that the simple little you’ve typed in turned into something very long and complicated, full of questions marks and equal signs? URLs (i.e. the address of the page you’re viewing) can be pretty darn complicated, but fear not! This is a super-simple guide to understanding a URL’s structure, broken down in a format that’s easy to understand. Here’s a sample URL that we’ll dissect below: To see what’s going on in this URL above, here are the various parts, broken down into pieces:...

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