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Month: December 2014

Hang Gliding at 3,000 Feet in Lake County, Florida

I recently took a trip to visit family in Florida to do some SCUBA diving, snorkeling, swimming, and other fun beach-type activities. What I didn’t know, though, was that just six miles down the road from where my parents live, is a fun hang gliding place. I had the chance to go, so my little brother and I were towed up by an airplane, 3,000 feet into the air, then slowly glided back down to the earth. It was awesome. Here are two videos of what it looked like (both from the same trip, just taken from GoPro cameras...

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Maho Beach St. Maarten – Where The Planes Take Off

Here’s a video of when I was at Maho Beach in Sint Maarten (on the island of St. Maarten in the Caribbean). This beach, off Simpson Bay, is strangely positioned right in front of Princess Juliana International Airport which means it gets airplanes coming in and out all day long that fly right over where people are swimming. Not just little puddle jumpers either. Check out this enormous commercial plane (I’m not sure which kind) that took off right behind us—hopefully you can see through the shaky video just how insane the air coming from the jet engines is....

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Wow, I Didn’t Know You Sang!

I’m a pretty private person. People who know me might be aware of this, but I don’t think they have a clue just how private I am. You could say I’m “guarded,” and you could even mistake me for being “anti-social” at times. But I don’t really care what you call it—I just prefer to live most of my life without explaining everything I do to everybody I know. I think I’ve recently been able to determine that there are two main reasons for why I’m so private. First, I think part of why I’m so private is because...

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My Policy On Blog Comments

One of the most interesting aspects I’ve found about blogging (and the Internet in general) is the fact that people will comment on a particular blog post or article they read. I find it interesting because it’s only with the power of the Internet that you can actually have an interactive conversation like this. In years past if you read an article in print and either agreed or disagreed with it, all you could do was mail a “letter to the editor” and I hope it would get published in a future issue. With blog comments though, people will comment immediately after something is published, and not only will the author of the article have the opportunity to read it, but so will all of the readers of the original article. Which brings me to my main point: I hadn’t thought much about having a “policy” on blog comments, until I started reading a few blog posts from authors who shared their feelings about the topic. Actually, it’s almost become the trend now to turn off comments by default. Copyblogger, Chris Brogan, and even Seth Godin (among others) have all decided to disable comments on their blogs. I’m almost tempted to do that sometimes, but so far I haven’t, mostly because some of the comments I get from time to time do make it all worth it. So, in...

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When I Met Astronaut Charlie Duke

Today, I went to a luncheon and got to hear from General Charlie Duke, a former NASA Astronaut. He spent 71 hours on the surface of the moon with Apollo 16, and was the backup lunar pilot for Apollo 13. Funny enough, he’s also the one who infamously caught the German measles back in the days of Apollo 13 and exposed fellow pilot Ken Mattingly to it, which caused him to be replaced by Jack Swigert. (If you’ve seen the movie Apollo 13, you know what this is all about). Pretty cool guy, and amazing...

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