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Month: July 2015

Lessons From the Darkroom

I like photography a lot and always have. I’ve always appreciated a well-done photograph and have devoted a few years of my life to learning how to compose, create, and finish a photograph just the way I want it. When I was a student at Pikes Peak Community College, almost all my time was spent learning the boring crap you need to get out of the way in order to finally study what you want at a “real” university. For me, that meant almost all my time was spent building up my “core” classes; economics, geography, meteorology, interpersonal communication,...

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The Colorado Springs Police Department’s Citizen’s Academy

A few years ago, I signed up to attend the Citizen’s Academy that’s put on by the Colorado Springs Police Department. It’s an 11-week class that gives you, as a citizen, the opportunity to learn about how the Police Department is run, who runs it, and more. Some people had recently asked me about it, so I figured I’d finally share some photos and info about it. We really got to see the CSPD’s operations inside and out and were given an eye-opening experience about what goes in every single day, 24/7 that most people don’t realize. On the...

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