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Author: Ron Stauffer

When I Met Weird Al Yankovic

Weird Al Yankovic is an interesting character… and he’s somebody I was obsessed with as a teen. I *ahem* shared some albums that some friends may haveĀ “acquired” onĀ Napster back in the early 2000s, and many of the songs I rocked out to weren’t actual pop songs from the day, but a parody of pop songs, recorded by none other than Weird Al. Honestly, I listened to him so much that half his songs didn’t even seem funny to me, since I didn’t even know what they were a parody of. I’ll bet my experience with Weird Al was the...

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Drop the Bat; Run to First (Lessons From a T-Ball Coach)

A few years ago, I wanted to introduce my oldest son to sports. He was probably four at the time, and after playing catch with him in the backyard during the early spring, I discovered he had a knack for both hitting and throwing a baseball. He was still pretty young, so I figured finding a local T-Ball club would be the best way to introduce him to the sport. After I signed him up, my wife and I had a barbecue at our house with some friends, and I casually mentioned this to my buddy as we drank...

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15 States in 15 Days – The Stauffer Family Summer Road Trip

Now that summer is almost over, it’s nice to reflect on how it went. The Stauffer Family started this summer with a bang! Rachel finished her A.A. in Dance from Pikes Peak Community College (woot!), we sold our house and moved to a new city, and we decided to take a road trip across the USA before getting settled in the new place. We bought a car top carrier, filled our van to the brim with luggage, then loaded up our five kids and drove a few thousand miles weaving in and out of a good portion of the deep south. In all,...

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We’re Moving: Boulder or Bust!

Big news in the Stauffer family: we’re moving! Later this month, I will be uprooting my family of seven and heading north to Boulder, Colorado. I haven’t made a life change this significant since I moved to Colorado from California as a teenager, so I’m not even sure how to let people know the news. Back in 1998, when we came here, we just told our friends face to face. These days, there are so many people I know that I don’t see in person very often, so as impersonal as it seems, I think I’ll just write a...

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Lessons From the Darkroom

I like photography a lot and always have. I’ve always appreciated a well-done photograph and have devoted a few years of my life to learning how to compose, create, and finish a photograph just the way I want it. When I was a student at Pikes Peak Community College, almost all my time was spent learning the boring crap you need to get out of the way in order to finally study what you want at a “real” university. For me, that meant almost all my time was spent building up my “core” classes; economics, geography, meteorology, interpersonal communication,...

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