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Category: About Me

My Policy On Blog Comments

One of the most interesting aspects I’ve found about blogging (and the Internet in general) is the fact that people will comment on a particular blog post or article they read. I find it interesting because it’s only...

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Google AdWords Certification

I recently took two Google Exams: 1) Google Advertising Fundamentals and 2) Google Search Advertising Advanced Exam, and boy were they a doozy! (And by that I mean they were HARD!) I spent over 55 hours studying for both of...

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Never Sit in the Same Chair

I like taking classes. Especially classes outside of a traditional school environment, and when I don’t have to do homework. So I take lots of them. I take extracurricular classes all the time. Free classes, paid...

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Apple Certified Associate

Last week, I took an exam to prove to Apple that I understand their products and know how to use them. And I passed! So now it’s official: I’m an Apple Certified Associate. But what does that actually mean? Great...

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Music, Multitasking and Me

I’m a strange guy when it comes to multitasking. Some tasks, such as web page development (writing PHP and HTML) are kind of mindless tasks for me so I can work with a lot of things going on at the same time, while others...

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