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Category: Fun Stuff

My Email with Hugh Syme

Earlier this week, I was sorting through some emails from years past (way back in early 2009, to be precise), and stumbled across this one from when I first started my own business. I had recently finished photography classes at...

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Measuring Sound Quality

(Shh… don’t tell anyone.) When I was growing up, while my parents were gone and we were home alone, I would find LPs from the Swedish disco band ABBA in the cabinet in the living room and put them on their Hi-Fi record player,...

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The Roadside Tamale Man

The other day I finally did it—I actually stopped at one of the little roadside stands with the tiny cardboard sign that says “tamales 4 sale.” As soon as I pulled up, the older hispanic guy who had been napping and listening to...

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Tumblr in Under One Hour

Ok, I admit it. I’m a web developer and I’m using Tumblr. Sue me. 🙂 In all honestly, I’m completely stunned by my very first try with the the world’s supposedly fastest—and easiest—blogging platform:...

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