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“Would You Like To Drive Home In A Ford Today?”

About seven years ago, right after my wife and I were married, we went on our very first shopping trip as a married couple, to furnish our brand new apartment. We bought all the essentials, like a broom, a doormat, … Continue reading

28. February 2013 by Ron Stauffer
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Lessons From a Customer

A few years ago, I met with a customer who was an older gentleman in the roadbase and paving industry. I was asking him my standard questions before coming up with a proposal for a new website. I started asked … Continue reading

28. March 2012 by Ron Stauffer
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Blank Canvas Syndrome

Something I’ve noticed over the years is that being creative isn’t necessarily difficult for me, but starting a creative project is. It’s the hardest part. There’s nothing more intimidating while creating than viewing a blank page or canvas. (My experience … Continue reading

15. May 2011 by Ron Stauffer
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Don’t Judge A Car By Its Cover

I have a friend who repairs/restores cars for fun. He has several of them stashed in various places all over town at any given time (barns, garages, carports, parking lots). I helped him work on a car one time, and … Continue reading

26. October 2010 by Ron Stauffer
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