Hang Gliding at 3,000 Feet in Lake County, Florida

I recently took a trip to visit family in Florida to do some SCUBA diving, snorkeling, swimming, and other fun beach-type activities. What I didn’t know, though, was that just six miles down the road from where my parents live, is a fun hang gliding place. I had the chance to go, so my little brother and I were towed up by an airplane, 3,000 feet Keep Reading

Maho Beach St. Maarten – Where The Planes Take Off

Here’s a video of when I was at Maho Beach in Sint Maarten (on the island of St. Maarten in the Caribbean). This beach, off Simpson Bay, is strangely positioned right in front of Princess Juliana International Airport which means it gets airplanes coming in and out all day long that fly right over where people are swimming.


Not just little puddle jumpers either. Check out this Keep Reading

Communication: The Pinnacle of Human Achievement

I’m a huge fan of writing. I love to see the written word on a page. Whether it’s a printed page or an electronic page doesn’t much matter to me; I love it all. I’d even like to read something on a papyrus scroll someday.

In my humble opinion, the pinnacle of all human achievement throughout our history has been the ability to communicate effectively. There are Keep Reading

Video: Things I Learned At My First Video Shoot

I recently worked with a videographer to make two videos for a new video marketing service I wanted to start. I’d never really stood in front of a camera before, and thought it would be fun to do. I’m a big fan of online video, as I’ve explained before, but something that drives me nuts is the massive amount of online video that’s of embarrassing quality Keep Reading

Video: Why Use Online Video?

It’s video time again! This time around, I made an online video to tell you all about… online video! Why? Well, I could explain everything by writing paragraphs of information all about the benefits of video and how well it works to market yourself online, or you could just watch this video to find out.

Oh yeah, in case you’re the skeptical type, or just a real Keep Reading

Video: What is Twitter?

What is Twitter? This is easily the question I’ve heard the most since I started working in Internet Marketing. A lot of people just don’t get Twitter, and they want to know about it. More accurately, they don’t just want to know about it—they want to know what the big freaking deal is about it. I can sense irritation in their voice as they try to Keep Reading

Video: Interview With 37signals’ Jason Fried

I like studying. I like listening to audiobooks, reading books and watching interviews. I especially like getting the input of a select few brilliant minds in the tech world who actually make sense to me. There are very few “dot com” companies that make sense—and I think the term “dot com” is thrown around carelessly as an excuse for poor business practices. (And that’s coming from Keep Reading

Video: Steven Colbert Interviews Eric Schmidt

I don’t watch Stephen Colbert. I don’t think he’s funny. Even more than that, I have no patience for senseless political banter. But in some strange way, in this clip, Colbert pulls off the best interview of Eric Schmidt I’ve ever seen.

Most interviews with Schmidt are boring, take far too long, and venture off into ethereal technological discussions that aren’t interesting or relevant to users. But Keep Reading

Video: Time-Lapse Video of Me at Work

For those of you who aren’t exactly sure what a webmaster does all day long, I created a small time-lapse video of me at work. Until recently, I’d have several cans of Mountain Dew and a box of triscuits on the desk with me, or at least a few mugs of coffee, but I’m really trying to cut back on the stimulating drinks. So here it Keep Reading