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Category: Websites

Why Have a Website?

[About two years ago, I gave a presentation to a business group about websites and their effectiveness as a marketing tool. I’ve had this sitting in my “drafts” section forever, so I figured it was time to...

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Why NOT To Use A .CO Domain

A while ago, I received an email from a friend asking if he should get a .CO domain for his website. I thought for a while, and gave him my answer. “No.” He responded, thanking me, and then asked me why not. I...

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Does Anybody Use Tag Clouds?

Recently I’ve really been trying to view websites through the eyes of users, and not as a web designer. As much as possible, I always try to ask myself “would users find this helpful?” Sometimes I see trends...

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Make My Website #1 In Google

Of all the questions I’ve heard in my few years in the business, there’s one I hear far more often than any other. And I dread it every time I hear it: Can you make my website number one on Google? Why does it bother...

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